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A Warning to all self employed people - my story

Make sure you have financial contingency if you fall ill

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2 weeks ago I suffered a stroke. I am 60 and 6 years off retirement. I am self employed (technically I'm a Director of my own company). If I don't work then mortgage doesn't get paid.I am not over weight, drink relatively little, never smoked. I have been relatively lucky - movement is largely okay, mental abilities fine (clear as day). However my speech and writing are buggered (but with time will get better). My main day job is a maths 1-1 tutor and I deliver training courses for companies. I cannot work for the forseeable future.

I did have an income protection policy but it ran out last August on my 60th birthday and they wouldnt re-quote, in line with lots of other companies - too risky. So no benefit from £55 every month for 17 years! I have loads of life assurance but they refused critcal illness as I have an underlying heart condition (corrected at 11 years of age with open heart surgery - no problems since). I have always been cautious so do have contingency savings that we can eek out until I can earn again.

Working for yourself sounds wonderful (by the way it is!) but ensure you have adequate financial security. A minute before the stroke I was happily doing some light gardening in the sunshine! You never know what's around the corner! Thank god for the love of my family.

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