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Activity on Accountability?

Activity on Accountability?

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Does anyone have any ideas for an ice-breaker activity for new executives to begin a discussion on accountability?

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By Rus Slater
01st May 2013 06:52

It depends on what particular aspects of accountability you want to explore:

Accountability as in:-

a) "Well, you may consider what I did as immoral, but I didn't break any laws"

b) "Yes, obviously it was not going to work, but it isn't my job to tell the boss that"

c) "Oh that's just the way things are! What could I do to change that, Im just a loe voice in the wilderness"

d) "Well obviously it is wrong that we are doing that, but I'm not a snitch"

e) "It isn't my fault that I failed to hit target, you set the target too high!"

f)  "It isn't my fault that I failed to hit target the competitors undercut me from the start"

g) "Now look what you've done! You've made me lose my temper and now you're claiming that me hitting you is my fault!"

Having just written those examples you could of course simply give the delegates each one in turn and ask them to discuss accountability!!

I hope that helps


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By tbailey
01st May 2013 14:11

Nice examples, Rus!

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By DonR
01st May 2013 21:02

If you are discussing accountability for any new Team members, then I have always recommended it should focus on the requirements of the job.  The examples given by Rus  give a very good indication of maybe how to approach the topic, but as I say, they should be directed at expectations.  That way the discussion can easily lead into other facets of the Team requirements to ensure key points of achieving performance are also discussed and not just the accountability.


Cheers.  Don Rhodes.

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