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Advice Needed: Antivirus and discount coupons

Internet security software and apps for all office devices, tablets and smartphones too expensive

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The cost of internet security is ever rising not only because of the manufacturer's price policies but the increasing number of devices we are now called to protect. Currently in our small business we have a server, 7 desktop PCs, 3 Macs, 4 laptops and several smartphones we use for draft video and photoshooting and sharing. Last week, we had to renew all norton subscriptions for the new year, plus buy 2 more lisences for new laptops. As a result, I paid $1770 in total for antiviruses alone! I know it's a necessary cost a business can't do without, but please, this has become too expensive and I am looking for ways to minimize the cost of internet security. Do you have a software brand you would recommend or a norton coupon we could use next time.

Any help or suggestion on how to save money would be valuable. Thank you


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14th Jan 2018 09:15

We had the same problem in our business as well. As hacking incidents get more and more frequent and cyber crime has become a major plague in online business world, it is obvious that we can’t do without internet security software; and I mean internet security for everything that connects to the internet. After years of using antivirus software we have found a great way to save money. We use Norton coupons we find them online in tech forums, blogs and deal sites. There is one available at

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to MattStathis
19th Nov 2018 16:59

Thank so much MattStathis for your reply. I really appreciate you took the time to respond to my post. We did find and used a couple of norton disount codes.

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