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Assertiveness Role Plays

Assertiveness Role Plays

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I am putting together an interactive assertiveness & decision making course within which I want to incorporate a number of role plays. Would any one have any suggestions of role plays I might use or suggest anywhere I may find a variety of role plays I could consider using? Thanks.
Fiona Bradley

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By admin
02nd Nov 2005 17:39

depending on what generic area delegates need to be more assertive in, I may be able to help. I have some scenarios for performance management assertiveness.

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07th Nov 2005 15:30

Hello Fiona,

We have a workbook, Effectiveness = My Competence + Communication, developed and validated on an assertiveness model. It has many scenarios for practicing assertive communication. It may be used in a group workshop or as self-study. Take a look at the MMHA web site,

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By Mike Kean
07th Nov 2005 22:08

Invite each delegate to think of personal situation in which they need to be more assertive.

Write the outcome they would love to have.

Invite a partner to be the one you wish to be assertive with and exchange the situation so that the other person can internalise the issue.

Ask the Person to assume the role of the 'other' person

Now being assertive you can follow the three step process.

1 Tell the person you have some thing which is bothering you and you would like them to know.

A) how you feel about it and B)the facts associated with it.
Now, State the facts! (No emotion)

2 Now, reiterate the feelings you have about it. (I'm embarrised, angry, sorry, frustrated etc..)(with appropriate emotion)

3 Ask in an assertive way. So...pause... what do you think WE can do about it? and then keep QUIET.

Get in tune with how simple but asssertive this is.

Discuss the outcomes and feeling with each other and explore how it may/would work and then encourage each other to do it for real and report back with results.

To make more of a exersise of it, do it in threes with an observer.

It will work!
Kind regards


If you want to discuss it in more debth then just call on my mobile 07973 964 066

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By vipcharlotte
07th Nov 2005 22:23

Dear Fiona
I have a resource on which is excellent for examining the effects of both passive and aggresive behaviour on an organisation. You are welcome to download it and email me if you would like me to discuss it more fully with you.
All the best
Charlotte Mannion
Quick Learn Limited

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