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Assessing / Demonstrating Learning

Simple ways for large groups of learners to demonstrate learning

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I have a client who wants to put a large group of staff through a non-accredited, modular leadership programme for mid-level managers.  Six modules in total covering a range of leadership skills. Although they don't want accreditation, I'm keen that learners should be asked to commit to applying learning (ideally using it in a work project), but I'm looking for a way to assess this without creating a volumne of additional work.

I considered a presentation at the end of the programme but with multipl cohorts and large groups that is too time consuming.  Similarly, a written assignment would take time to evaluate (and my client doesn't have the budget to fund this).

So I'm wondering if anyone has any ingenious idea's for simple ways to evaluate learning (beyond simple knowledge gain) that don't involve a significant time commitment.  All suggestions welcome please!

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By Jane Hodgson
08th Feb 2017 08:57

If they're existing managers, then it's probably not additional work you want anyway, but existing work done in a better way. So how about doing a questionnaire / survey etc. with their direct reports, say 3 months after, to establish what changes in behaviour they've noted? The attendees are often happy to tell you that they programme made a real difference, that they've really improved on their communication, their delegation or whatever. But the end 'customer' in all of this is the people they actually manage, so ask them for feedback.

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By clive boorman
08th Feb 2017 12:15

get them to make video demonstrating how they are using it and upload onto youtube for review and feedback. Give them some simple parameters and there you go.

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