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Assessment Center Sales - activities needed!!!

Assessment Center Sales - activities needed!!!

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Hello, I am rather new on my position and have a challenge in preparing an assessment center for a group of field and office sales people (Territory Managers, Product Managers and Sales Assistants) and would appreciate your support in selection of some new and interesting activities that would assess their overall sales skills - such as communication, presentation, negotiation, etc. Please "donate" or provide links to some of the materials you used and were satisfied with the quality of the outcome. Thanks in advance!

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By clive boorman
31st Jul 2015 14:29

Hi natasasav, I think what you may want to consider is, well the question I posted in the subject title.  The reason I say this is that I worked in a sales environment that was based on customer relationship management; so looking at a customers whole needs, taking time to understand them, linking their needs to products.  I was proud of thsi type of culture as I felt we genuinely helped people. The calls were longer but there was less complaints or cancelled accounts in cooling-off periods.

However, I presented this as an approach to a prospective new employer and they hated it; they wanted to get people on and off the phone or to buy quickly.  They didn't really want to build that type of relationship and the culture was more like the more calls you take, the more you will sell.

So, what you first need to consider is what type of sales culture do you have as 'sales' is not one thing now.  I can't offer you any material but maybe investigate running a business simulation game as an asessment centre event with each candidatee being observed.  Not sure if they are still going be we used Northgate Games material at an assesment centre and it worked really well.  Hope that helps

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By SteveRobson
31st Jul 2015 15:05

Check out this series of videos on YouTube by Third Core. Definetely the best I have seen and I've seen quite a few.

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By Bryan Edwards
15th Mar 2016 10:11


You might find some suitable activities in our free-to-download section: Namely an Approach exercise; impact of language; overcoming objections exercise. There is also a telephone sales role play.

Good luck!

Bryan - training delivery and off shelf course materials

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By annalder
07th Aug 2015 13:40

A simple idea involves giving a candidate a mystery object:  I have a collection of small 'mystery objects' that I use for this purpose, which include small plastic parts from DIY stores, fishing floats, plastic valves...anything a little bit unfamiliar. Candidates are then given a brief pen portrait of a potential buyer, with some indication of purchasing criteria.

they then have 15 minutes to prepare a one minute presentation and 'sell' the object in as convincing a way as possible. 

This works well following any questioning and listening activity which illustrates whether the candidate can draw out the potential customer's needs and buying criteria.

A good general activity that explores listening, questioning, precise communication and ability to convince is RSVP Design's  Workstations exercise, which is available at £12 & VAT, through the RSVP Design website . There is a a range of other potential activities you might consider also on that site. In addition, you can download a free experiential learning manual with a number of activity suggestions in it. Hope this helps. Ann

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By TiggerThomas
09th Nov 2015 13:39

The 9 different Ambiguity Card games ( look under purchase) are excellent for assessment or developmental centers and workshops.

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