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Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres

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I am planning to run assessment centres for a Management development programme and I am looking for group and individual activities. I have a small number of activities that I have used before, but if anyone has any suggestions of something new or different I would be extremely grateful! I noticed on a previous post that someone offered the following;
I have a whole Call Centre Assessment document which includes:-
A group exercise - Isabella Monumento
Numerical & Verbal Reasoning
Individual Presentation Briefs
Feedback forms, and scoring system.
Is this still available as I would be really grateful for any help offered or ideas from any other members.
Many Thanks

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By GrahamO'Connell
18th Feb 2011 09:41


I'm a little unclear from your post whether you are intending to run an assessment centre or a development centre. Whilst they share some common features, they are at heart very different animals.

Either way, it would be useful to know a little more about the people and the objectives. It is tempting to be seduced by new and exciting activities, but I would urge caution. The drivers must always be the business benefits, the learner requirements and, often, the limitations (time, budget, trainer skills). The choice - or better still the design - of activities should derive from these considerations.

That said, having a few extra tools in your tool box is no bad thing. Nor a bit of well considered experimentation.


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By Lucy_sp
18th Feb 2011 14:41


Have a mooch through the Free Resources tabs - fellow trainers have been adding their examples and tools there for all to use. You might find the exercises you mentioned .


Hope it goes well,


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By starch34
18th Feb 2011 16:13

 Hi Simon,

We use these....might want to take a look.

and they come with these extras as well....



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By Kerry halstead
07th May 2019 19:47

Hello! I realise this conversation is very old but I was hoping you may be able to send me a copy of Isabella Monumento please?
I used to use this activity for assessment centres and seem to have lost it in all my material.....
many Thanks in advance,

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