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blog posting on this site

blog posting on this site

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OK, I'm being dense.......

How do I post a blog on the new look TrainingZone?.....I can look at my old blogs, I can read other peoples' blogs and I can amend my blog homepage, but I just can't find how I create a new blog post.

yours tearing out what little hair I have left


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By TeenD4
31st Jan 2013 10:01

Hi Rus

I think you can blog by clicking on My TrainingZone (top right corner area of the screen) then clicking "Make a Blog Post".


Not having blogged since the new version of the site, I haven't test it, but it looks like the most promising option.



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By Henry Osadzinski
31st Jan 2013 10:05

Hi Rus,

Tina's got it right - you should be able to create new posts via the My TrainingZone panel on the nav bar. If you have any trouble or encounter any errors, feel free to let me know via PM or by emailing [email protected]


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By Rus Slater
31st Jan 2013 11:38

it was so easy....when someone had told me how!

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