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Business Mentor/Coach (for small training company)

Need a business mentor/coach

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I'm managing director of a small training company/consultancy and looking to grow the business. I'm seeking a business coach or mentor, ideally with a knowledge of how tranining companies work and their markets, to help with this.

Does anyone know of a business coach or mentor who might be interested and if so, would you be willing to pass their details on to me or ask them to get in touch?  I'm based in Brighton but I do a great deal of work and collaborating online so physical distance is not an issue. Contact [email protected].



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14th Jun 2016 08:01

Hi Trish - just someone I have used, in the past, who might be able to help. Try David Hyner of Stretch Development.

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to clive boorman
03rd Oct 2018 09:54

Clive, you responded to my query over 2 years ago but I've only just seen it now! I see you're still on the site so - better late then never! - thank you. I'm still seeking a business coach/mentor so I'll get in touch with David Hyner as suggested.

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to Trish123
03rd Oct 2018 14:32

no problem Trish, I'm sure that David can support you.

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03rd Oct 2018 14:41

Thanks Clive, I've popped him an email so hopefully will hear back soon.

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