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Can anyone recommend...

... a good resource on Management Training?

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I'm looking to refresh some of my management training programmes and wondered if anyone had come across any good books (or other resources) on management training?

Many thanks


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By clive boorman
18th Oct 2017 11:58

Hi James, are you talking about people management or if not, what aspect of management are you talking about?

Simply put, Youtube. I found a great video produced by a local Authority about the importance of 121's/performance reviews, I use it regularly. Also found great videos about back to work interviews, annual reviews, recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion. In fact pretty much everything I've wanted to find content on, I've found great content on there.. There are some really professionally made videos out there. My favourite Youtuber is Paul Magee the SUMO guy, what his video about dealing with conflict and others that he posted; they are fantastic:

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James Quinn
By neverchair
18th Oct 2017 12:17

Thanks Clive,

I'll have a browse round YouTube and see what I can find.


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Replying to neverchair:
By clive boorman
18th Oct 2017 12:30

Hi James, just a word about copyright. Generally speaking if the owner of the content has uploaded it to a public site, like Youtube, you should be ok but always check the copyright info. You won't actually own the content and they could possibly remove or alter it at any time. However, you could always do what I did in that I contacted ACAS about a Diversity video that I found on Youtube and they sent me a link to download it so now I have it as a permanently available piece of content.
In addition, if someone uploads a clip from 'The Office' or any other commercially available clip for example, they are unlikely to own the copyright and that's where you get into trickier territory. Although, interestingly, if one purchases a BBC dvd you will see that the copyright information says that showing the content is usually ok for Educational purposes. You just can't package it up as a commercial product and re-sell it. That whole area may be a minefield and is best avoided.

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