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Can I get accredited to administer MBTI on line?

Can I get accredited to administer MBTI on line?

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I am wondering if it is possible to be accredited to administer MBTI on line. I live in Papua New Guinea and would have to travel overseas in order to attend a workshop, so an online option would be great, if possible. Does anyone know?
Penny Cole


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By freshwards
18th Sep 2003 14:34


Not sure what you mean by "administer" but I think the only UK supplier of the MBTI is now OPP. I'd check with them.



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By admin
22nd Sep 2003 13:21

Hi Penny

I presume you want to get accreditation to give MBTI feedback. The only way to do this is through a face to face class.

It is possible to automate the administration of the scoring of MBTI - though you need to be appropriately accredited by a CPP (the owners of MBTI) registered organisation

I think the nearest registered vendor for you would be Australia

Try first to see the accredited bodies

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By adenton
22nd Sep 2003 16:43

Following on from the previous replies OPP are based in Oxford and can be contacted on (UK) 01865 404500 or

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