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CIPD or no CIPD?

CIPD or no CIPD?

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I am new to training, I have been a Learning and Development Administrator for a year now and will be starting a new job shortly as a Training Co-Ordinator for a large charity. I intend on completing my CIPD in L&D (distance learning) and wonder what peoples thoughts are?

I still consider myself to be new to the world of training so was thinking of completing a Level 3 Diploma as opposed to the Level 5, however, when I spoke to the provider they advised that the Level 5 would be best for me as I already work in L&D. The level 5 is much more in depth and I would prefer to get the basics down first but again just wondered if anyone had any experience of them and what you would suggest?

Any advice would be great!



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Blake Henegan Optimus Learning Services
By blakehenegan
28th Jul 2015 08:50

Hi Gina

I took the Level 3 qualification a few years back.  I had been in and around training for about 6 years before that.  For me it was useful to cover some of the basics as well as ensure that I understood the world of L&D to a level that my peers did.   Combining additional studies with work was challenging so I'm pleased I did the Level 3 first. 

How much additional time would Level 5 require?

What's the cost difference?

What are you comfortable with?

If you do begin the Level 3 and find it too basic make sure you are able to transfer easily to Level 5 without having to pay for both courses in full.  

Good luck and keep learning!


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By clive boorman
28th Jul 2015 10:43

... Hi Ginaj, not sure what the role of a Training Co-Ordinator is but personally, I found the CIPD too theory-based and didn't really get much from it, (that I couldn't find on-line).

I personally went down a different path with Coaching quals and then working with the Kirkpatrick's but at the time I wanted something more experiential.  I haven't completed one of their programmes but an example of a more experiential approach is TAP.  I'm sure Adrian from TAP who often posts here can tell you more.

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By [email protected]
29th Jul 2015 10:07

Hi Gina.

Thanks for the heads-up Clive by the way!

Yes, I'd tend to agree that a level 5, given your role is probably a stretch too far and perhaps too academic at this stage.

The role of Training Coordinator is critical to the effective functioning of an L&D team and we have developed a highly relevant 2 day L&D Administrator programme reflecting the skills needed for such a role.

If you are interested in moving towards an L&D training delivery or designer role, we also have the Queen's Award for Innovation winning TAP Delivery and Design programmes plus a number of additional L&D disciplines which can be taken on a modular basis as and when you need it during your career, depending upon the direction it takes.

All certificates and diplomas are awarded by the British Institute for L&D, a body solely dedicated to the L&D profession.

If you are interested in learning a little about Adult Learning Theories and the more academic side of L&D, we can also provide our Theoretical Basis of Learning online module, which is not too onerous.

If you would like to talk to one of my team to discuss your individual needs, please feel free to call us on 02476 411288.




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