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Citations in adult learning content

When should we? Should we?

Hi everyone,

I've have mixed views about this and also receive mixed views from clients and associates so I thought I'd cast it out for your collective wisdom...

Scenario - Corporate learning environment, mixed delivery (activity/indoor and outdoor/facilitated discussion/some 'content' delivery), relaxed semi formal environment.

When using visual aids which include facts (for example if one was facilitating a discussion about the impacts of climate change on business decision making), and using a Prezi to both add facts and to prompt some topics for discussion, what are the collective views on citations?

I go between none, as I don't wish to clutter the screen but rather have something land and expand the discussion, to a citation page at the end which sits on a screen whilst we're wrapping up. However I have been challenged on this. It doen't sit within my preferences to make it conform with an academic standard when it is not neccesarily appropriate for the audience and location.

Your thoughts, questions, challenges and sharing of best adult learning practice is very much welcomed.

Thanks so much


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25th Mar 2019 12:12

Most learners won't care and it may be a pain to find them, however, if you are referencing the work of others and they are allowing you to use it, it may be on the understanding that you give them due credit for their intellectual copyright. Plus, if other people are using it in some way without citation, you need to be careful that it doesn't border on misuse of IC or plagiarism. It then becomes not a case of whether you should or shouldn't but it means that if you don't want to, then don't use it. If that person's work is helping you deliver a great learning experience, they deserve to be credited do they not?

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25th Mar 2019 12:36

Thanks Clive. I fully agree, credits for work if directly attributable, and certainly there's more often then not citations/references in any handout I may be using, but I rather agree with your statement that 'most learners won't care'.

Thanks again for your input

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