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Coaching Role Play Exercises

Coaching Role Play Exercises

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Hi All

I am currently developing a Coaching and Development module for a Leadership Training Programme and wondered whether anyone had any good coaching role play exercises used in similar sessions.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Claire Hayle
Claire Hayle


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By andiroberts
30th Apr 2007 18:18

Hi Claire and all,

Rather than use role play exercises. Why not ask participants to bring along to the workshop "bite sized" coaching issues that they would be happy to be coached on.

This way people get practice with real issues, albeit small ones, and you never know, some one might get just the coaching they need.

It is better to front load this and ask participants to bring 3 or 4 ideas to the workshop ahead of time.

Regards from a windy Spain, Andi Roberts

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01st May 2007 08:53

Hi Andy

Thank you for this suggestion. It's much appreciated.

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01st May 2007 11:24

I support Andy on this, this gives the delegates a real practice rather than a "Yeah but I wouldn't do that in the real world..." situation
I have also seen delegates walk out of the practice session with an absolutely life changing outcome that no one ever expected

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By admin
02nd May 2007 09:05

I too agree with the great suggestions of asking the delegates to bring real life scenarios' I run a Coaching 4 Mgrs, 3 day workshop and delegates bring along real-life coaching opportunities, it makes the role-play much more interesting, relevant and fun.
I do have a brief exercise though called Printer's Box around Coaching - please contact me and I'd be happy to share it with you.
Good Luck

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to admin
14th Mar 2019 13:21

Hi Claire,
I wondered if you would share the Printer's Box exercise as I would like to check it out for a coaching training session I am delivering soon.
Mnay thanks,

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02nd May 2007 16:48

Thanks to everyone who has replied - you've been a great help.

Buffy, as mentioned, I will certainly let you know how the exercise goes.


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By watsonbd
09th Sep 2011 22:48

 Hello Buffy,

Was wondering if you would be so kind as to also share the Printer's Box Coaching Exercise with me, I am teaching individuals that are just moving into management and at times they struggle to bring there own examples.  Thought if I had something in my back pocket it would help to elevate some of the stress they sometime experience.



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