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Communication Style Questionnaire

Communication Style Questionnaire

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 Hi Guys,

For years I have been using what I call 'Behavioural Styles', 'Driver', 'Analyst', 'Expressive' and 'Amiable', which to me has always been easy to use and fits in nicely to a good day on communication. I was concerned that I could be breaching copywrite, and today found out that the questionnaire is actually 'Social Styles' and yes, we have been breaching copywrite. 

To use it now the cost is $30 per person and to do the cost justice it needs half a day, which pretty much takes away all the advantages the version I have been using has, + the additional cost I can't swallow and the client will not pay. I also have to become 'accredited' for the bargain price of £900 + VAT. As I am already SDI qualified and their questionnaires are cheaper, I can't see the point, and SDI takes too long to do as well, so back to square one.

So now I need an alternative. Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf questionnaire where I don't have to spend up to £1000 to learn how to use, that costs under a tenner per person and takes about an hour + half to do. We want a quick indication of style as a basis for an exercise, not a detailed psycho analysis of character.

Any help greatfully received.

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By SteveRobson
06th Jul 2011 11:08


Can you get anything from this? Even if not it's still a great website!

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By ChrisGregory
06th Jul 2011 15:35

Hi, I have used this is the past


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By Jules507
06th Jul 2011 23:23

Most behavioural style questionnaires are tied up as you describe. How about looking at 'Please Understand Me:Character and Temperament Types' by David Keirsey? It contains a short questionnaire  based on Jungian theory. You could buy the delegates a copy each for about £6 and they then have the added value of a good book to take home!


Julie Cooper TSM Partnership

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By Jenny James
11th Jul 2011 17:22


A really quick one is the DOPE test (dove, owl, peacock, eagle). You will find loads about it on the internet and, as far as I know, the questionnaire is free.


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By gjprice
05th Sep 2011 20:59

Yes there is copyright around the material through TRACOM in the USA - Certification is not needed to use the Social Syle Self Perception - The certification is only needed to use the Muti Rater tools and cost of this is £750 + VAT for a two day course. I think this is well priced compared to many other tools on the market. Happy to send you more details


Graham Price

accelerate UK

Social Style International Parther in Europe

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