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Creating Workshop Activities

Workshop Activities

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Good afternoon

I have recently started a new training role delivering training for third sector organisations.  I will be delivering workshops on a variety of topics from writing funding applications to seeking donations to help organisations to delivery their service/projects.  I often come to a sticking point when planning sessions and I try to come up with creative workshop activities to put into practise the training. Can anyone share how they devise workshop activities or come up with creative ideas to practise skills and ideas that you are delivering on?   Is there some magical resource you use to get ideas?




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By Jules507
01st Jan 2016 17:31

I'm sorry I don't know any magical resources - but I can say that it gets easier with time, as you'll grow your bank of experience and develop a feel for what works.

I guess I run through a list of options in my head (case studies, role play, worksheets, debate, quiz etc) and think through how each could work with the topic at hand and what outcomes they would give. Another thing to take into account of the rest of the session- I look for activities that add variety to the methods used.

There are some resources around on training activities that might give you inspiration. I suggest you buy a few books and find some websites to give you the beginnings of a professional library. It would also be a good idea to find others in a similar boat so that you can brainstorm and share ideas, or find a willing mentor that has more experience of this type of thing.

Good luck in your new role!

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Replying to Jules507:
By Judith Chen
02nd Jan 2016 12:39

Good afternoon

Thank you for your response and, kind words and useful suggestions. I did think it would be a case of building up a series of activities from tried and tested sessions. Can you recommend any books or websites you have used that have assisted your workshop development to get me started and pointed in the right direction?

Best wishes and many thanks

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By clive boorman
07th Jan 2016 08:55

Hi Judith, I worked in the third sector for 18 months and found the experience to be quite challenging. Certainly culturally it was very different from the corporate world. What I did and do now is avoid the type of activity that is this; discuss something in groups, flip chart the answer and feedback - I think this is the dullest type of activity ever.
I did a lot of simulations, games that illustrated the learning point(s) and just asked people to share their experience in discussion or debates. I made it visceral so it was real life and tapped into the experience of others. There isn't a magic formula and it didn't always work but the websites I got material from are fairly standard like businessballs or Trainer bubble. I also got games from Northgate games. Part of the solution may be doing some feedback sessions with your learners/end users and asking them what they like. Hope that helps.

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