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Customer Service

Can anyone help with ideas please?

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Hello.  We are having a cusomer service month at work and I'm looking for ideas for a game / challenge I can do with teams as part of the campaign.  It should:

- relate to customer service

- involve teams competing to acheive something

- there needs to be a winning team so "best time wins" or something similar

Does anyone have any ideas they would be happy to share with me please?

Many thanks!


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By Bryan Edwards
22nd Jun 2017 14:39

You could adapt our telephone skills 'Fun Word Grid' exercise to broaden out to customer service generally. Find it at

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Replying to bryanedwards:
By wheelpr145
22nd Jun 2017 19:47

Hi. Thanks for the response. That's very kind, I'll check out the exercise!

Thanks again.


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By Jane Hodgson
03rd Oct 2017 15:53

I did something recently where challenged some teams to organise a summer fete. I identified the customer (me) and gave them a very high level briefing. The team that won were the ones that managed to get closest to meeting my own criteria: I wanted a pre-meet to discuss my must have activities, I wanted it to be free, there had to be something for kids, selection of food, etc. Whilst I wasn't deliberately unhelpful, I only revealed info when they asked me the right questions, so the lesson was to capture the 'voice of the customer' upfront and you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort. One team did brilliantly at this, one team just didn't even bother to ask me any questions (despite walking around with an A4 sign saying "I'm your customer, ask me something"). I was completely ignored as they feverishly went about the task. Simple but effective. And you can add your own criteria according to your learning outcomes (e.g. must collaborate, must be within a set budget, must demonstrate company values)

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