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"diagnostic" design

"diagnostic" design

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I want to set up a "diagnostic" tool:-

I have about a hundred simple yes/no questions, I want to get people to answer them and for the tool to then strip out all the yeses and leave the noes in a single numbered list that can then be printed off or ticked off as the person completes them and changes the answer to a yes.

Does anyone know how I can do this with a piece of commonly available software?

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By clive boorman
18th Sep 2015 08:35

Hi Rus, not that I'm an expert but I'm pretty sure you can set up those fairly straightforward tasks using excel with filters.  If not, I'm sure something like survey monkey might do the job.

It may also come down to how the users will access the diagnostic. For example will it sit on a cloud based application; will it be e-mailed to them or will they access it some other way?  If it is e-mailed to them you may not want to send out a large file like an excel; it's probably best if they log into it somewhere that is hosted like on a cloud.

Hope that helps.

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By Garry Platt
18th Sep 2015 10:34

Rus - This is possible using Excel and it would be possible to strip out the Excel look so that it appears like a blank questionnaire.

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By Rus Slater
18th Sep 2015 15:28

Thanks Clive and Garry

it is going to be hosted in a secure company server so no problems there. Excel it is then

TZ Any Answers to the rescue again!


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