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Do I need certifications to train?

Newbie here thinking of going freelancing

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Hi all,

Newbie here who just joined. I have been thinking of setting up my own freelancing in-house training business in my area of expertise (financial services customer services). This would be aimed at clients abroad, outside Europe in fact.

I have over 18 years experience in managing client services team, train and mentor different teams and external clients but I never took any sort of official certification. It was all done as part of my role.

I have already been approached by contacts in my network to let me know that they would happily pay me to improve the customer facing skills of their teams, something which I am now seriously considering. All they want me to do is just talk about my definition of good customer service, provide feedback on good practices and give examples and answer of challenging situations, there is no need for diplomas at end or anything. It's almost a consultant role to improve their front office skills.

With that in mind, can I get started without an official "trainer certificate"? Is it required?


Many thanks

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By clive boorman
16th Mar 2017 08:56

I would say you could do that but the reason you might want to get a certificate isn't to show that you passed an exam but to actually learn best practices and theories about how people learn, for example, how to identify learning needs, how to develop and construct learning responses, how to evaluate learning. You learn about the personal skills you need and how to respond to different types of people.
The issue, I have experienced, (and have again recently), with SME's delivering training is that it's packed full of info but not very engaging for the end user. That was mainly because the SME just talked at the audience rather than engaging them in a useful learning experience; it doesn't matter how well you know your subject if you don't help people learn properly.
The cert, therefore, is just a nice by-product of you learning best practice around the whole subject of delivering useful and engaging training/learning interventions. Hope that helps.

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