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Investigating the cost of designing and hosting some short e-learning modules

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Hi - Does anyone have any experience in sourcing an e-learning company who can design and host some short e-learning modules?

We don't have our own internal LMS or platform that could host therefore would need an external platform that we could ask users to log in to.

Regarding the design, we can provide the content but would need someone to traslate this into workable e-learning content. The modules would be 15 - 30 minutes long and maybe 12 in total.

Can anyone give me a ball park figure how much something like this would cost before I start reaching out to some companies please?

Thank you in advance. :)

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By ABaillie1
24th Jan 2019 09:30


I came across this review of e-learn/bite size learning support providers/platforms. EduMe seems most popular. Hope it is helpful.

In addition i am presently reviewing the following orgs for my own search...


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Replying to ABaillie1:
By Simpsw
24th Jan 2019 14:32

Hi - Thank you. EduMe does looks good and easy to use, however it looks more suited for micro learning, I'm looking for a company that can help create courses of 15 - 30 minutes, something that will have more content than a 2 - 5 minutes course. Please do let me know if during your research you come across something that may be suitable though. Good luck with your project!

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By clive boorman
06th Feb 2019 08:50

Is it bespoke content you are looking for because you can't bet Litmos Heroes who have a whole catalogue of content. You pay one price and you get all of their content. They host it for you too. They also give you similar diagnostics that you would get out of a LMS. I'm not too sure if they do bespoke content but worth checking out.....

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By villagetalkies
23rd Jan 2020 12:36

this article helps me to gain some knowledge.

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