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Best off-the-shelf elearning providers

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What re the best off-the-shelf elearning providers in the UK with a variety of content? Why do you think this?

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By clive boorman
23rd Jun 2017 12:34

Hi KayR, not sure what you define as e-learning as this term seems quite out-dated now. Do you mean SCORM courses or something else?
If you are talking general, digital, on-line content, then Learning heroes are the best as they have one price for all content they have and will ever have regardless of numbers accessing it. They are also happy for you to host it on your own platform or access there's.
It's that no-fuss approach that really works plus the content is excellent too.
Those people negotiating over licences per person and higher figures for more content seem to be old, out-dated models now.

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Duncan McMillan
By Jonaswolfe1
28th Jul 2017 12:05

This is a loaded question, but I will speak from my own experience.

I have recently been involved in a project to bring ELearning to our trade association, for the use of our members. Much of what our members need is financial services regulatory training. Due to budget and timescales we needed to procure off the shelf packages. For that we put out to tender based on variety of content available, pricing, how the content matched our objectives, customisation options, etc. We found that Skillcast offered a fantastic range of off the shelf modules (105 for one annual licensing fee for 2000 learners) covering regulations and including topics like management skills. The variety was excellent, and the cost of bespoking and branding was very small.

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