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Exercises etc in assertiveness and other communication styles

Exercises etc in assertiveness and other...

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I'm looking for exercises, energisers the communication styles of Assertiveness, Passiveness and Agressiveness. These activities will ideally both resonate and create awareness of the skills to participants on a training programme.
Many thanks.
Jarlath Duffy
jarlath duffy

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By DerekHughes
26th Jan 2009 16:09

I have a couple of exercises you can use (role play, & quiz).

if you want me to send you a copy then email me:


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By csisson
26th Jan 2009 14:24

Hello Jarlath

Northgate Training do the 'Assertiveness Game' which I have used in the past. It prompts much discussion and debate which can be really valuable to groups.

If you want to talk about it, give me a ring on 07717 718820

Kind regards

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By admin
26th Jan 2009 12:46

You can obtain training materials, exercises on assertiveness and communication skills from the following two training course materials.

Assertiveness Skills Training Materials

Communication Skills Training Materials

In addition many individual ">exercises on assertiveness
are also provided for download.

Please let me know if you needed anything more specific.

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By valtt
21st Sep 2009 15:24

Hi Derek


You offered access to assertiveness exercises.  I wonder whether i could be really cheeky and ask if I could have  acopy as well.  I train for a not for profit organisation and am doing a session on assertiveness for a group of staff and any help would be greatly received.

Many thanks


Val Timlin


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