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Farewell message

Farewell message

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I am looking out for some warm yet professional farewell messages or notes.
Can anyone help or suggest some good sites for the same??

Thanks in advance.
Jhankhana Vahanwala

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Susie Finch
By Susie Finch
30th Sep 2008 13:53

We've a feature on site which may help anyone looking at this thread. It's called So long, cheerio, goodbye! How to make a farewell speech.

It's time to leave, you're moving on. But how do you make your swansong a grand finale? Whether you are making a speech about yourself, or someone else, Lesley Morrissey has some great advice.

To read it follow this link:

Kind regards

Susie Finch
Editor, features

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By Nick Heap
24th May 2006 12:43


Here is a simple idea. Find a big plain card, and ask all the people who know "Mary" or "Jim" to write a short phrase or comment on the card which says the thing they most appreciate or value about that person.

Jim or Mary will have something to treasure because most ofus are starved of positive feedback and appreciation. If someone recognises a strength, you have more of it and more confidence in using it.

It might even be a good idea to start giving appreciation now, as well as when people leave.

What do you think of this idea?

Best wishes


[email protected]

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By vickyst
25th May 2006 12:45


I'd like to help you with this but in order to make it personal for the person leaving I would need some further details to build a better picture. If you could email me with some info I would happily come up with a leaving message for you!


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By peterahunter
24th May 2006 12:35

95% of people leave their employment because of the way they have been treated by management.

If I am leaving because I have been ignored by the company, because my skills and experience have never been recognised because I have been treated as a worthless object by a manager who did not care one jot about my existence then when I left I would expect to be given a standard letter, because that is all that the company think I am worth.

The manager thinking that a standard letter will do the job "is" the reason I am leaving.

If however I have been treated with respect and valued as an individual either I will not be leaving or if I have to go then I would expect, and get, personal thanks from the management for my contribution and good wishes for the future.

The two different approaches are mutually exclusive.

If you think that a standard letter will do the job then you will need a lot of them because your staff will leave whenever they can.

If you value the individuality, the skills and the experience of your staff you will not need a letter because they will not want to leave.

Is the problem the words in the letter or the fact that you think that it is a valid way to treat your workforce?


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