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Feedback Form/Template

Feedback Form/Template

Hi there,
would anyone have a Feedback form/template they would be happy to share with me please?

I'm looking to use it on the back of Soft Skills workshops for middle managers, to use after attending 1 day workshops, to use with their manager afterwards, to implement the learning that has taken place from the session.

many thanks in advance for your help


Buffy Sparks


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23rd Mar 2007 10:46

Hi Buffy,

I have a template that I developed for the soft skills workshops we have here. It is generic and should fit most audiences. I'm not sure that it would be exactly what your looking for but it may be a start. Please let me know if you want to have a copy and I'll mail it to you. If you want to chat it through let me know and I'll drop you my number.



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23rd Mar 2007 12:02

Hi Buffy,

I have sent you my version of the feedback sheet.

Hope you can use at leastpart of it.

Best regards

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25th Mar 2007 16:36

Hi Buffy
I have two different ones available for download from TrainerBase ( you will need to register (free). Other trainers also have material for download available.

The process will be much more powerful if you can link in pre training objectives with 'happy sheet and then a three month post training evaluation of 'now what is different' - one of the tools I have made available does this. It was used for several years in a private hospital and now I use it with many organisations - they like it because it is on just one piece of paper.


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