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Graduate Away Day

2.5 worth of activities wanted with the brief of being fun and an opportunity to get to know people

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I have been asked to arrange a fun packed afternoon (2.5 hours) with the brief being: fun and starting to get to know each other. The problem is a minimal budget and we have tried companies over the years that charge a fortune and are not that great! Has anyone got any activities they would be willing to share?

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By Bryan Edwards
08th Jun 2017 12:54

Have a look at our Team Building exercise 2 at It's ideal for people to get to know each other in a fun way.

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Robert Cserti
By Rcserti
13th Jun 2017 09:05

Hi Sarah,
You can find several teambuilding and ice breaker activities in this public library of facilitation methods:
(you can filter to specific topics, depending what you look for exactly) - I hope it helps!

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James Eynon Headshot
By JamesEynon
13th Jun 2017 12:20

Hi Sarah, a couple of things come to mind. If you're looking for something a bit 'left field' then FreshBiz could work really well.

It's been played across the globe by companies such as Pepsi and Google to change the way people think and work together.

It's great fun and is especially relevant to millennials and their thirst for knowledge and meaning behind work. Plus playing FreshBiz also shows them you are a forward thinking company that cares about their development! You can find more information here:

Alternatively, thinking back to my time working in corporate team building, if you need something that is pure fun then I would suggest Beat The Clock. It's an activity many companies run where you have to complete as many challenges as possible within a time frame. It's frantic, simple and fun. Blue Hat and Team Challenge Company come to mind for supplying this.

In short it really depends on what depth you're looking for from the brief of fun and getting to know each other.

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