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Help with workshop content design?

Help with workshop content design?

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Hi everyone

I have designed and delivered workshops for approx 3 years now which grew  from 121 coaching to  supporting a small team then a department then into cross college staff development.

Even though my workshops have set outcomes and I receive positive feedback I think I would benefit from another person contributing to the content /activites to provide a different angle.

My workshops are around skills staff training for Apprenticeships and Assessing.

Can anyone recommend a company or person who could help with this or maybe I should just keep doing what I am doing if it’s working?!

Would appreciate any feedback or similar experience, thanks Jane

p.s this is my first post, I hope it is in the right place and relevant ;)

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By Andrew Gibbons
24th Oct 2013 09:18

I wish I had asked this 30 years ago when I was 3 years into my design and delivery experience.

I am sure you will develop your own style and methods, and in addition, it is important to learn and at least be aware of other approaches and practices that will suit and enhance your own work,

If you or anyone else would like to contact me off line I will happy to share my own thoughts and learning.

   a[email protected]

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By Rus Slater
25th Oct 2013 06:55

Hi Jane

Luckily for me I started with a formal train the trainer course and then, due to the nature of my work-style, I was exposed to several (dozen) different organisations' approaches in a relatively short period.

If you would like to get in touch, I'll happily take a look at the material you are using and offer some suggestions about it.

Rus Slater

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By SBMosley
28th Oct 2013 15:58

Hi Jane

I am happy to help and give some advice etc.

I have been designing content for over 20 years and in particular have both trained/mentored apprentices and managed apprenticiship programmes.

In terms of different experiences, I have done this in many sectors/organisations ranging from Engineering, Construction, IT, Manufacturing and Utilities.

Contact me offline if you would like further info.

Best regards


[email protected]


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