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How does your organisation evaluate management development?

How does your organisation evaluate management...

My organisation finds it very difficult to ascertain what benefit we are making at intermediate and ultimate levels of evaluation. Whilst it is widely known that the activity of evaluation at these levels is the responsibility of line managers, how have organisations worked to engage line managers and "remind" them of their accountability for this activity?
Tom Harlow


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By admin
03rd Oct 2003 11:00

Before the programme ensure the delegate and their line manager identify the positive changes that should be exhibited following the course. Also that it links into the delegates performance review .(Easier said than done, but worth the effort)
Following up as Janet suggests after 6 months or so should tie it up for the training Dept and hopefully feed into the performance review at the sharp end.

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01st Oct 2003 07:44

The intial post course evlauation is follwed 3-6 months after with a more indpeth follow up which asks questions relating to competence and service delivery. this is qualatative data as it asks for examples.

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05th Oct 2003 00:19

We review in a variety of ways with our clients, initially building the review processes into the programme design (which becomes part of the committment for the programme)and then, whenever possible, building relationships with the participants managers, even if this only ends up being a phone call.

I have always found the book 'Return on Investment in Training and Performance Improvement Programs' (Jack J Phillips, Butterworth Heinemann ISBN 0-88415-492-0) a useful resource and it has some good case studies which may give you some ideas

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