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How Important is CPD to you?

How Important is CPD to you?

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Hi everyone, 

Out of interest, how important is maintaining your Training/L&D knowledge and skills to you?  Would you say it's:

- Very Important

- A little Important

- Neither Important or Unimportant

- Not very Important

I'd really like to hear your views!  :D

Thanks in advance!


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By clive boorman
23rd Oct 2015 08:21

... as we are moving away froma traditional training offering (based around classrooom delivery). CPD is essential to the way we deploy our resources as we are moving into a consultancy approach with a heavy emphasis on digital content creation.  We are going down the 70 20 10 route and therefore need to involve oureslves in CPD that supports this neww approach.

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By Fiona15
23rd Oct 2015 13:20

Hi Clive,

Great point!  These are changing times for L&D - you either move with it or get left behind.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.  :)

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By Rus Slater
23rd Oct 2015 19:11

time and tide wait for no man and if you aren't developing you are falling behind - Red Queen Syndrome!

Develop or Die



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By Fiona15
24th Oct 2015 14:00

Hi Rus,


Thanks for your response.  I wholeheartedly agree! 



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By NargisC
25th Oct 2015 15:58

I never stop learning...

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By SarahTG
26th Oct 2015 12:14

I consider it very important - whether it is directly related to what I train or whether it is around developing how I train or even wider self awareness and how the brain works.  


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By Fiona15
28th Oct 2015 13:51

Just wanted to say thank you to those who have replied. I appreciate it.  And your responses confirmed my own view - that people in L&D take their own learning and development seriously. 

Thanks again!

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Nick de Jong Profile Picture
By ES_Nick
19th Nov 2015 17:01

Hello, the capture of CPD has always been important and having the flexibility to add any extra curricular activities to your training record is always important. Which is why we have a module dedicated to exactly that on our LMS.

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