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Hurt and Rescue

Hurt and Rescue

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Hi there I am running a course next week largely around selling skills and in particular around selling customers bespoke solutions that completley change their lifestyle. A theme I am using through the course is hurt and rescue i.e. point out to the customer what is wrong with what they currently have and then step in a rescue them by offering them a new solution. I don't like the term hurt and rescue and I want to rephrase this and use this as my course title. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Sinead

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By babybearbarker
26th Aug 2009 13:19

Hi there,

Sounds like it could be quite an interesting day and I agree that hurt and rescue may not be the best words to use for the context, particularly if it is then used with the customer.

Traditionally I guess problem and solution would be used, but again, I don't like those words either and are sometimes too cold.

I think that by going in and pointing out to the customer what is wrong with what they currently have may be confrontational, by that I mean, think about cold selling techniques for switching phone providers, etc, how often do "what you have is rubbish" really works for a customer. "What we can offer you instead that will save you x, y or z" however, is likely to get a much more positive and engaging response.

So, my tip would be use the words, "Engage and Improve" - especially if the client may not see what they are using is wrong.

I hope this helps and please feel free to ask any other questions - I like getting my brain in gear!


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By f1girl
26th Aug 2009 13:22


How about 'Pain to Pleasure' (although this could have some dodgy innuendos associated with it) or 'Complaint and Cure' which is a bit more medical I suppose. I love challenges like this! I may well send more later!

Sheridan Webb

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By fgout
26th Aug 2009 15:08

Hi Sinead,
How about 'enlighten; evolve'? i.e. step 1 - 'enlighten' the customer of the error in their ways; step 2 - provide them with a solution to 'evolve' their way of behaving.
Just a thought.

Fiona Goût
[email protected]

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By GrahamO'Connell
27th Aug 2009 17:35


Interventional Rescue

There to repair

Hurt less, live more

You are unique, so are our solutions

Less pain, more gain

Let us take the hurt away

Salving life's problems

Turning point

Rescue your lifestyle

Hope that helps


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By Honary
28th Aug 2009 17:07


Here are some more... This is becoming like a word game... ;-)

Fix & Move

Know before you solve

Know more, Do more

Challenge & Rescue

Discover & Rrescue

Discover & Solve

Find & Get Rid of

...and so on...


All the best.

Ehsan Honary


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By Seanade
29th Aug 2009 11:07

Hi Guys

Thanks so much. Definitely a few in here I will consider.

Many thanks


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By Leiperose
30th Aug 2009 07:24

How about


Search & Rescue with people sending out an SOS (Save our Service)

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