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Ideas for a 3 hour workshop - The Importance Of & How To Network Effectively

Ideas for a 3 hour workshop - The Importance Of...

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I have to give a 3 hour workshop on the importance of networking and how to network effectively anyone got an tips ideas, on exercises that might work well and bring the theory to life, or if anyone has suggestions of resources etc all gratefuly received.

Thank you 


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By SteveRobson
27th Mar 2015 07:07

Check out the Jelly Effect by Andy Bounds. Lots of useful info in there you could easily turn into a training session

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By clive boorman
30th Mar 2015 08:10

Hi there, can I ask the purpsoe of the Networking; is it a job or career purpose, is it to build up a network for small businesses, is it to build up a network of people internally within a business or something else?

One part of the exercise would be for the individuals to actually chart their current network of contacts and then make an action plan for who they will approach and how to do it.  This may be slightly less easy depending on the purpose of the networking though.

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Krystyna Gadd, Founder of How to Accelerate Learning
By Krystyna Gadd
30th Mar 2015 10:04


I have lots of ideas but it would be really helpful if you could share the learning outcomes/objectives for the session and then I can give some focussed ideas.


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