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Ideas for a Holiday game/teambuilding activity

Looking for ideas for a fun Christmas staff meeting

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By Jane Hodgson
06th Jun 2017 14:11

A bit of context might help. Is this an icebreaker? Energiser? Are you looking for learning outcomes? We have dozens of potential activities but a bit of context would help.

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David Cotton
By David Cotton
07th Jun 2017 14:09

I would like to know a little more about what you are looking for. Games don't build teams - that's done by good management. If you need teambuilding, then start by addressing the way the team is managed. A game for the team won't change anything.

If you simply want a game, let us know and I can suggest lots. But, as posed, the question is asking for two different things.

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By hdouglas
07th Jun 2017 19:34

Im looking for game ideas that would be festive to play during annual holiday meeting. the games should involve a group of a 100 . Thanks in advance :-)

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Robert Cserti
By Rcserti
13th Jun 2017 08:54

You can find here hundreds of games and exercises in this public library of facilitation methods, among them a few dozens of teambuilding activities:
I hope you find it useful

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James Eynon Headshot
By JamesEynon
13th Jun 2017 12:40

Hi there,

As others have been saying, suggestions do depend on a variety of factors from budget to learning outcomes.

I will assume for now that this is all about Christmas fun, correct me if i'm wrong! If budget is low and it's all about fun then a quiz is always a winner. If you have a little bit more to spend then something like Beat The Clock (supplied by companies such as Blue Hat and Team Challenge Company) is a great, fun activity to celebrate.

I must say I disagree somewhat with David's suggestion that games don't build teams. They have the ability to build team cohesion and understanding, and are great for giving people a 'safe' environment to grow as a team and develop the 5 behaviours of highly functioning teams. Effective facilitation and management is integral, but gameplay is where people can develop their skills and grow as a team.

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By perspec1
19th Jun 2017 13:09

I have loads of Xmas goodies, send me a note to my e-mail at [email protected] and I will send you copies. They are all my own so no worries about copyright.
Cheers. Nick

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By swiesen
20th Jun 2017 10:29

Although this seems to be geared toward families there is definitely some inspiration in there in terms of team building activities:

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