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Ideas for Managing Team Dynamics Training

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I am developing a course around how to mangage team dynamics, so far the types of topics I want to cover include: Tuckermans team development model, looking at different character within a team, thinking about indivuals motivations. I am struggling to come up with some interactive activities to pepper throughout the training - has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance!  

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By Jane Hodgson
25th Apr 2017 09:46

Have you also looked at Belbin? It is a licenced product but if you can afford to get everyone to do the self-assessment (which is only about £35 each I think), it works really well. You can then apply the learning to a range of exercises, designing them to particularly suit Completer Finishers, say and then observing the effects of this on the Plant. Using this as a discussion point to show how the mix of a team is the most important indicator of performance.

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By jbutler
04th May 2017 10:25

Have you looked at the book "5 dysfunctions of a team"? They do a field guide version with some good ideas.

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