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I have a 10 min micro session and I have no idea on what to say or present,

I have a 10min micro session on any topic but I have no idea on how to plan one


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13th Aug 2018 10:21

when you say a micro session, are you talking about a learning/education session or a presentation? Also, what is the job you are applying for? More details please.

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By Wmathe
13th Aug 2018 12:15

It’s a coaching job and I have an interview where I have to do a presentation

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to Wmathe
13th Aug 2018 12:31

right, well if it's a presentation rather than a learning session i.e. you are merely giving them information rather than helping them learn, why not do it about Coaching. Do it about coaching in general and use the heroes story format which is:
Spotlight the issue or problem
Show the solution (coaching)
demonstrate what the future look like when the solution is working.
Involve the audience in someway; ask their opinion etc. The main thing is practice, practice, practice. Don't over-load it with information and only use visuals that enhance your points. For example, don't use powerpoint slides that say exactly what you are saying which you are using as your script, the visuals need to support what you are saying not be the same as what you are saying. Hope that helps.

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