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Introduction to being a Board Member seminar

Introduction to being a Board Member seminar

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I've been tasked with finding a seminar/crash course for a colleague who has been appointed a Board of Director member in our company to give him an intro into this new area of responsibility.  I have looked on the Board of Directors website and all I can find are developmental courses, which might be an option but but at the moment the preference would be something shorter and lighter.Does anything like it exist? if not, what would be an alternative? Any ideas  where to start looking? 



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By clive boorman
21st Sep 2015 09:26

Have you tried the Institute of Directors? According to their website they have a number of options. Obviously this would, by it's nature, be a generic solution.

The other solution would be to set up a mentoring relationship with an existing Director - then, he would get the support 'in context' as it were.  Also, engage an Executive Coach to enable your new director some reflection time to become focussed on what he needs to achieve.

Hope that helps.

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