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Is anyone moderating this forum?

This forum is being ruined by spam

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I have used this site for years and always really cherished the forum as a place that I can interact with like-minded L&D professionals.  Today however I've spent the last 45 minutes reporting threads for being spam / off topic / inappropriate etc.  I have to ask, is no-one moderating this?  So far today I've seen 2 fake profiles (2 stock images) fake credentials (one person graduated from a university that doesnt exist) and lengthy posts ranging blogs on obesity in the workplace to buying gold and silver bullion and even how we can all increase productivity in the workplace by bringing in the right gemstones and crystals.  Seriously? 

I know I've ranted about this in the past but it actually seems to be getting worse not better.  TrainingZone needs to act now before this forum loses all credibility.

Take a look at this person in the stock photo and then check out the profile picture of the user Stepapa


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03rd Jan 2018 10:03

I agree Jane, I've used TZ and sister site HR Zone for many years and it's depressing to see how it's been left to the mercy of spam. Very sad indeed.

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03rd Jan 2018 11:40

Hi Jane,

Thanks for your post. While we are moderating the discuss section, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep on top of as we are receiving more spam than ever before and spammers are becoming more persistent with pushing their content out. For example, when we delete or block a spam account, they often create a new one and start all over again.

We understand this is frustrating for our community members to have to sift through, and we are working hard to reduce this with the limited resources we have.

Apologies for this Jane, and we appreciate you flagging the issue to us.

Best wishes,

Becky Norman
Deputy editor

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to Becky Norman
03rd Jan 2018 11:57

I appreciate how hard this must be. I'll continue to be 'that person' that reports suspicious threads then, I guess you need as many eyes and ears on this as possible.

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03rd Jan 2018 12:01

Thanks Jane, please do. If you would like to report any spam, you can email us at [email protected]

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09th May 2018 20:58

I agree, it's a shame that these spammers have taken over our community.

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15th May 2018 22:11

It's a shame indeed.

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