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Is it important to have a website for business

a website for business?

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Some of my friends told me to build a website for my business..i do not how much important a website for business..but  when i started to build my business website .i see i am late in this way because ..their are lot's of website like my business my question is  Is it important to have a website for business ?

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By Jane Hodgson
02nd Jan 2018 13:30

Yes. And please get someone to proof read it first.

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By MattStathis
03rd Jan 2018 17:30

Is it important that people find your business and learn about your service/product? If it is important then yes, a website will benefit your business.

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Replying to MattStathis:
By Techblogspro
04th Jan 2018 14:24

Thanks Man..You Help me a lot ..

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By Januar Sam
07th Jun 2018 09:44

I think it's quite important to have your official business website, as many people are now getting more information about your business through the internet. I think that's the most important point here. About your competitors who run a similar business as yours and have their website, they are one step more competitive than you.

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Chemistry Guru
By chemistryguru
07th Jul 2018 17:53

yes i think in the current digital world where everyone uses the internet to search for things it becomes even more important for a business to have a website.

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