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Italian Associate Trainers required

Trainers required

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Where do I find Italian based and Italian speaking Associate/Freelance trainers to deliver our D&I training other than Linked In and Trainerbase. Any ideas?

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By Kickstart Development
10th Oct 2016 16:01

Hi Sharon Gaskin who runs The Trainers Company has a substantial list of trainers that she posts opportunities out to. You can find her on Twitter @sharongaskin

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Replying to Kickstart Development:
By Gaynor Purton
11th Oct 2016 09:52

Just found her in my research last night and have now communicated with her, although most of her trainers are UK based she is going to ask.
Thank you for the tip off though.

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Replying to Gaynor Purton:
Resilience Trainer Jo Higgins-Cezza
By johc
15th Oct 2016 08:05

I've sent you a Linkedin request. I've actually done the training with Angela but maybe I've dropped off the radar. I am UK-based but do spend time in Italy.
Feel free to contact me

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Replying to johc:
By Gaynor Purton
17th Oct 2016 11:13

Thanks I have emailed you directly.


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