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L&D remodeling project

Looking to develop a whole new way of training staff and developing training resources

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I am currently redesigning our L&D delivery system and am wondering if there are any guides or standards that should be followed to create the learning materials/resoucres?

I am looking to produce training videos and step-by-step guides but am unsure of structure and content and am struggling to find templates or guides on this. Any help would be really appreciated.

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By clive boorman
08th May 2018 09:16

Hi there, Video Arts have got a you tube channel with bite sized videos explaining how to create a video. From what I remember it goes into practicalities like framing and sound. When storyboarding a video, the structure I use is what's known as the Hero's story. The format is; Part 1, what's the current issue, challenge or problem. Part 2, what do we need to do about it (the solution). Part 3, what will our world be like, (how will it be better), when we instigate the solution.
The other I use is like a news broadcast; part 1, The Headlines, part 2 the story in detail and part 3 the summary.
I would also ensure that you keep your videos short and precise; 2-4 minutes is optimum to stop people getting bored. Do not try to cram too much knowledge into each video and be clear about the learning point and what people should do next with it.
There are some great animated videos out there too. Have a look at what Litmos heroes do, they have examples on youtube too. You can even sign up for a free animation tool with Powtoons.
Hope that helps.

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