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leadership v management training activities

leadership v management training activities

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has anyone got any creative ideas about how to deliver leadership v management. I am looking for something more innovative than just putting up the characteristics of each?

Thanks :-)

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By perspec1
30th Jun 2014 12:01

I can send you what I have which works well enough. contact me at: [email protected]


I am not a training provider.


Cheers, nick


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By Bryan Edwards
01st Jul 2014 14:27

I ask participants to think of leaders - past or present; non-famous, famous or infamous - and flip the names up. Delegates then debate the relative merits of their leadership (or non leadership) style. Interesting debates can take place e.g. Thatcher versus Blair; Hitler versus Churchill; are their own managers real 'leaders'? (or as one delegate put it: "He's not a leader; he's a *** dictator!".


We then discuss what we mean by leadership (have a vision; people follow them willingly; are inspirational) and how that translates into what they do as leaders (e.g. let staff know of team and department targets; keep them informed of what happening/what's planned; tell them the whys and the whats; pep talks when energy is flagging).


We then discuss what management is about (achieving results through resources; getting things done) and sometimes use John Adair's Action Centred Leadership (task-team-individual) model to define more of what management is about and how it combines with leadership.

Hope that helps


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