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Learning to be a facilitator

Learning to be a facilitator

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I have a friend who wants to be a facilitator. Are there different kinds of facilitator? What courses or training would you recommend for her, and are there any accreditations that are worth having? 

Thanks in advance for your help


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By Andrew Gibbons
12th May 2014 11:54

Well it's taken me 32 years to be a skilled facilitator.

So yes I feel there are different kinds...such as the 'professionally grounded and experienced' and the 'I fancy that so will take a course and do it for a while' sort.

The de-professionalising of the learning and development industry bothers me.

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joy Wilson Spectrain Uk
By spectrain
12th May 2014 13:42

You will find the information on the International Association of Facilitators answers some of your questions.

The competency assessment criteria can be found under the certification tab




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By [email protected]
12th May 2014 14:51



I guess the types of events that a facilitator might facilitate could be different, but the generic skills required are much the same and develop over time with experience. Clearly, facilitating is very different from training.

The Training Foundation offers a TAP Certificate in Facilitation, verified and awarded by the British Institute for Learning & Development. This is an assessable, skills-based short course and can be supported by a Theoretical Basis of Learning Certificate at minimal cost. The Facilitation Certificate is a core module in their Facilitation Diploma if that is of interest.

Of course, there are a multitude of providers and The Training Foundation prides itself on its outstanding testimonials from working with all industries and sectors, including some 40% of the Top 100 FTSE companies in the UK.

Good luck!




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