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Let's have a "comfort break"

Training phrases we abhor!

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trainer speak

There are certain words or expressions in the "real world" that REALLY get up my nose. The biggest of which is "skinny latte". In MY day, it was a milky coffee!

In the "training world", three terms that make me cringe are:

"Comfort break", "Plenary" and "Action Learning Set" - say what you mean for Heaven's sake!

Are there any words or phrases you hear trainers use that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck?


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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
30th Sep 2016 09:48

I agree on plenary!

I think in general that the more 'everyday' language used by trainers the better - many learners naturally seize up at the mention of business speak or needlessly fluffy terms, so the more informal and friendly the better in my book! Might just be personal preference though - sure that may not work for the more corporate orgs...

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By clive boorman
03rd Oct 2016 09:46

Hi Ade, not so much words but I detest the most boring 'training' activity ever. It goes like this; break into smaller groups, discuss your thoughts, flip chart them and present them back to the bigger group.

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By SarahTG
03rd Oct 2016 12:32

Generally hate the words 24/7, not just in training. can just be repeated terms - had a trainer who once said ok? at the end of every sentence. Very annoying.

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By SteveRobson
27th Oct 2016 13:46

Saying "OK" every 5 seconds

Using the word "game" instead of activity, exercise or experiment

And the No 1 word that should be banned above all others...FUN (I'll decide when I have fun, not you!) :-)

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Replying to SteveRobson:
Develop-meant Training Consultants
By develop-meant
27th Oct 2016 15:14

Love it, Steve!

I'm someone who hates their "fun" forced on them!!


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