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Lost at Sea Copywrite?

Does anyone own the copywrite on Lost at Sea

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This exercise has been around for ages now and I've seen it used loads, but does anyone know who owns the copywrite for Lost at Sea?  I want to do the right thing with regards crediting the owner etc, but I cannot find anything concrete (Google seach is inconclusive).  Cheers lovely people.

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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
19th Jan 2017 14:48

Hi Jane,
I can't find any copyright around the idea of the exercise itself, but you can reference the author/creator of the specific template you use, for example this one is by Grahame Know at Insight:

So perhaps it's better to credit the specific site/person whose resource you have used or been inspired by, seeing as it seems to hard to find an original source! Hope that helps :)

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Replying to Shonette:
By Jane Hodgson
19th Jan 2017 16:10

That's great, thanks. I've emailed Graham to see if he does actually own the copyright on this, and if I can use it with his blessing if I credit him accordingly. Thanks again.

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