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Making classroom training fun

How do we make classroom training fun for the students?

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I need some advice please! I need a few new ideas to make classroom (IT) teaching a bit more fun. I teach 17 + 18 year olds and want them to be a bit more interested in the topics.

Any ideas?


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By clive boorman
19th Sep 2018 14:38

not sure specifically what you are teaching but try researching gamification. You should find tons of material about it.

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By perspec1
08th Oct 2018 11:00

The start is to ask them what they feel they could gain from the subject you are covering, that will generate real motivation to learn more.
Clearly identify what you want the participants to experience from each section of training and develop interactive exercises wherever possible, e.g. if it is an IT subject like finding a file - see how many different routes they can find to the required file? This is gamification but very simple and would open up possibilities fort them to learn more about the operating system, by accident!

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