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Managing Change

Impacful training activity/icebreaker for demonstrating the impact of change

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We all know that change is the only constant nowadays. I am well aware of the change curve and quite often reference the transition of change curve as a powerful image and model to help bring this subject area alive. I'm looking for some support and help with a impactful training activities/icebreakers that I can use with a potentially challenging group to deal with the elephant in the room, help gain buy in, enable the individuals to understand and relate and start to transition.

Any help, experience, lessons learnt and guidance that people are willing to share would be greatfully appreciated.


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17th Dec 2018 15:58

Hi Marie, the request is a little broad, can you kindly explain the context. Who are you working with, what's the context, what's the elephant in the room?

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07th Jan 2019 08:15

Hello Marie, I have the best ever change exercise, fun, high impact, memorable and can be used to relate back to from real situations. Contact me and I'll send a copy through, [email protected]
Cheers, Nick

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24th Jan 2019 09:36

Hi Marie,

I have a good activity that highlights the importance/difference between incremental change and radical change. i.e that you can keep working same way but faster/more efficiently or you can take a more transformation approach that shakes things up and delivers much better results...

email me if want more info, i'm a head of L&D not a sales person :)
[email protected]

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