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Manual Handling Videos

Manual Handling Videos


I have just recently completed my MH instructors course but sadly have no funding for paid resources. I just wondered if anyone knows how/where I can get hold of a short video (free) to help my staff with their MH refresher and new-start sessions - anything construction related. (you tubes not that helpful - unfortunately)

I'm sorry to sound like I'm after something for nothing but I have no funding; I do however, try to do as much supervised practical as possible, especially with some of the items that we use in the course of our work.

Any other MH training tips would be welcome.

Thanks and best regards



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By jon_hhs
12th Jun 2012 07:16

Hi Paul,

I know you are after free resources but without YouTube they are really hard to come across, however I have used to much success some videos featuring NAPO. These are available from the Health and Safety Exec. and are very reasonable, i think around £20 each video. There are a number of them but each works stand alone.





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12th Jun 2012 08:50

Hi Paul

ROSPA are sometimes good to get free resources, etc

Youtube doesnt seem so bad? There are quite a few videos on there related to construction.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=201f612498318a3d&biw=1280&bih=806

I have just bought a HD video camera for under £100 and make my own videos. Much better solution as you can tailor to your own needs. When you get the hang of it you can produce monthly videos to keep everyone engaged with your H&S policy.

Good luck



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13th Jun 2012 12:38

Hi Paul

It is ages since I did Manual Handling training but I found a video (that's how long ago it was!) from an organisation called National Back Pain Association.  I was in a catering envrionment and the video I used "Catering for Lifters" which was really reasonable to buy, £30 rings a bell although this was about 10 years ago.  It was set in a catering environment and sponsored by Shell but it may be worth seeing if they have something suitable for you.  NBPA details Helpline: 0845 130 2704 National Office: 020 8977 5474 .

Other than that have you thought of getting groups to produce their own dvd or stills of good posture and lifting.  This would make it really relevant to their environment as well as making them think.  Maybe each group you train could make their own clip which you could them give/send them as a reminder of the training

Hope you find something


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13th Jun 2012 22:00

Thanks Jon,Steve and Helen.

Jon, I have seen NAPO. Had that at our Man Han Instructors.

Steve, Hadn't thought of ROSPA, I'll look there  and let you know how I get on.

Helen, what a good idea; I guess so long as the clips are great posture then we could think of doing that - one to experiment with. 

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