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New Hire Induction

New Hire Induction

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Hope some of you could help me out, I have been asked to create a presentation on the new hire induction that is currently in place. The two points to cover are:

- What is the purpose of an induction and why is it so important?

- What can be done to create a 'wow' factor for the new hire induction?

At the moment the induction is a few days long and then new staff will spend the rest of the time doing side by side with existing colleagues.

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated :)

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By clive boorman
23rd Jul 2015 08:46

Hi eliash..... if you want to explain why inductions are so important there is plenty of research out there about how an individual's initial impression shapes their decision to stay.  I think you can find CIPD research easily availble that explains why lots of people leave businesses in the first 6 months.  Simply put people want to feel welcomed and supported in their new job and if they aren't they may not stay.

In terms of what you do try to avoid making a knowledge dump and make it interactive.  What that means is help people to discover the information for themselves and get them involved.  Make sure that there is a connection between what they experience in induction and the real-life word i.e. don't make eceything seem rosy in induction if that's not the same experience people will get at the pointy end - make it real and authentic.

I am restructuring our First Day induction and I'm writing through the lens of what's in it for me - so looking at what a new person would want to know.

Hope that helps

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By [email protected]
23rd Jul 2015 14:28


I agree with Clive's advice and I'd add that the induction is the first impression of the company. Even the initial meet and greet at day 1 is critical (prior to that any paperwork and advice they get on where to go and when etc). 1st impressions are crucial and having an experience that supports the promises that will have been made about the company in the interview process is important - subject to Clive's point about realism. Finally, a wow factor for me would be having very senior managers welcome me personally to the business, either individually or as a group of new starters, with pre-arranged interviews to find out about the organisation - or team managers, depending on the level of the recruit I guess.




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By Bryan Edwards
15th Mar 2016 10:15


Last year, I was asked to deliver a presentation on the latest Induction trends. I included what companies such as House of Fraser and BBC have been doing in recent years. The presentation makes interesting reading. View at  (4th item down) - the presenter's notes are in the NOTES view of the slides.

Hope it helps

Bryan - training delivery and off shelf course materials


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By Rus Slater
24th Jul 2015 18:01

a wow factor on the induction programme on day one will set an expectation for every day that come after it; not just on the induction but for the rest of their time with the organisation.....

Induction day one:- Met the CEO and other members of the exec team, saw brilliant presentation, was introduced to each department, had lovely lunch, day followed sensible agenda, information flowed like fine wine. 

Rest of life:- never see any senior managers, every presentation death by PowerPoint, never allowed time to meet anyone from other departments, canteen food ghastly, meetings drone on for hours and achieve little or nothing, cat knows more about what is going on than staff do

If this is what they are likely to actually get for their career......avoid the wow factor on your induction programme!

Your Friday Cynic

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