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Observation & Recording Skills - CCTV Operatives

Observation & Recording Skills - CCTV Operatives

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We are currently bringing our CCTV service into the 21st century.  As part of this we have invested heavily in new 'kit' but have the same people in place.

What I am looking for is a learning programme on effective observation and recording (writing down what they see) to help support our aim to reduce incidences of anti social behaviour and to enable the police and our internal teams to have sufficient information or a sufficiently high quality (evidence) to enable further action and prosecution.

We currently have logs which include very little information, which is below what we need / expect.

I am pleading with the 'any answers' community for contacts and/or examples of learning programmes we could either source or deliver inhouse.

Thank you in anticipation of your help.

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By odinnovations
28th Jun 2011 19:00

Hi Ian

In a past role for similar types of training I have used:

The University of Portsmouth Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

and Control Risks 

Hope this helps


O D Innovations

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By ianstone1
03rd Aug 2011 15:23

Thanks for the info... looked into the two options and they are now with the manager.  They had an urgent need, but, have now 'sat on' the information for a while.  Ho Hum.

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