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Personal Development: Accredited v's Unaccredited - which do you prefer?

Personal Development: Accredited v's Unaccredited

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I run The Trainers CPD Club and at the moment all the modules are independantly accredited for CPD points.  When a module is completed, learners recieve a formal CPD certificate detailing their achievement.

However, some recent feedback got me wondering whether or not this was really of value.

What do you think?  Would you be as likely to complete personal development which was unaccrediated as accrediated?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

F. :)

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Mike Morrison RapidBI
By Mike Morrison
01st Dec 2015 12:05

there is "accredited" and then there is "accredited".
if the accreditation led to a qualification - then I would consider it, if not, its just paying for somethimg that has no real value

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