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Please need ideas for setting up an Academy: Internal Training Dept!!!!

Please need ideas for setting up an Academy:...

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I would really like some ideas from seasoned learning and development experts. I have been given a task to create an Academy- internal training department that delivers internal training for staff bearing in mind that it has  several departments.

Key features will include the use of internal or external trainers and other staff development ideas. This also includes an exciting induction programme.

It should also have creative team building and other personal growth activities.

Please any ideas where or who can give me expert advice.

My Regards



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01st Mar 2012 15:11

Hi Tee

I have previously worked in such a team in a well known company, so if you want someone to bounce ideas off then please feel free to PM me.

Good luck


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01st Mar 2012 15:22

 Hi Frances,

I was wondering, how this was achieved. What was the model of the training department as regards delivering training and developing staff.

One of my greatest challenges are that most of the training is on the job and it is such a task oriented company, staff do not have time for lengthy training sessions and at the moment, there is only one staff, me!

Also what other fun learning activities were provided? 


Many thanks


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01st Mar 2012 15:24


Don't ask us, ask your customers!

This is such a huge area to comment on - in fact impossible without understanding your business strategy, capability gaps, industry/sector, talent markets, culture, technology infrastucture, existing processes etc

Maybe take a lead from how your business currently does strategic or business planning and align with that?



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01st Mar 2012 16:34

 Hi Mark,

Thanks for your response, great answer, you have provided key areas to focus on..


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06th Mar 2012 16:59

 Hello Tee,

What a great project! Good luck.

May I suggest that you try and avoid the sweet shop approach - i.e. I will have a bit of this and a bit of that - particularly if it sounds fun to do. With all these things you will have a finite budget to deliver this on, and for the company to benefit the most (and therefore you), it's about understanding organisational priorities.

As I know nothing about your organisation, the first documents I would ask you to find or think about doing are as follows:

business plans for each department and teamcompetency framework for the organisation

Armed with this knowledge, I would then run focus groups, surveys and interviews at different levels & departments in the organisation to understand:

where does the organisation have capability gaps which is preventing it from achieving it's organisation goalssplit these capability gaps into something like, technical (department specific), leadership, managerial, commercialthen prioritise these capability gaps into high, medium and low priority

Now, part of the challenge is to understand what were the organisational issues which meant you were asked to do this project - this may give you some big clues to what politically needs to be provided now and what can be provided later. If you have a finite budget, which is the most cost effective way of making your money go further. For example:

can you invest in helping your line managers become skilled coaches? Which then enables you to invest in blended learning solutions backed up with high quality coaching from the line managers. (Remembering that I think about only 10% of any learning actually takes place on the workshop - it's how you sustain the behavioural change and application of new skills afterwards)how much of the expertise to deliver any training sessions can come from an in-house source? 

Anyway, those are just my thoughts. If you want to chat further, send me an e-mail [email protected]


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16th May 2018 12:55

Same situation. maybe we can share ideas

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to AmohRita
26th Apr 2019 11:32

I've also been tasked with this... would happily share ideas if you're interested?

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