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Providing bespoke training materials

I just started a new business that provides bespoke training & course materials

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I've just started a business that creates bespoke training materials. We don't actually do the training ourselves, though we can provide a lot of support to help clients set up their training provision.

I'd love to know what people think, and whether we should market our services to businesses that already do training courses, or try and get clients that are new to it.

It's only a landing page right now, but our site is at Any feedback kindly appreciated.


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20th Nov 2017 14:47

Hi Emily, I read your article, with interest and had a look at your landing page. It is clean and professional looking and appealing. What is less clear is what, specifically, you are offering. What specific resources do you create and in what subjects? I found it quite vague and the more vague you are the less likely you are to attract people. Do you offer e-learning, for example or, if not, what do you offer. Do you offer blended solutions? It's a little difficult to fathom what it is. Hope that isn't too blunt because I wish you every success.

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to clive boorman
20th Nov 2017 14:53

oh, forgot to say, I know you say everything from ebooks to powerpoints but that's quite a broad range and assumes the individual knows what resources they want. So, when I say be specific, I think you need to state some very specific examples of as many resources you can and show examples of each to give a potential client a better idea of the quality.

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to clive boorman
20th Nov 2017 21:40

Thanks for the feedback, Clive. Getting what it is we do accross in a clear, understandable message has proved harder than I initially thought. If we had an elevator pitch, it would have to be a very tall building!

The other day someone at a networking event suggested the term "ghost trainers", in the same sense that one might hire a ghostwriter. I'm tempted to try to expand on that idea, since it encompasses what we do pretty well. I'm just not sure if it might be too vague still, or that it might give the impression that we do something we don't.

Thanks for your comments on the design of the landing page as well. I do all of our web design work, for this and for our copywriting business at

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to Emily GiveCourses
22nd Nov 2017 08:56

I'm sure in the eraly stages everyone has the dilemma if the proposition is unique, One thought I had is that maybe changing the angle. It feels like your starting point is people already know what resources they need. Maybe you should think about providing advice and guidance on what resources would get the best levels of engagement so you consult, advise and create. Is that something you could do? I also think showing examples of every resource you can create would be good. Hope that helps

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